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H.B. Culpeppers was established in May, 1981 by partners Harry Spielman (H) and Ben Bruns (B). The company name CULPEPPERS was borrowed from the role of Spencer Tracy's character, Captain C.G. in "It's A Mad Mad World", Culpepper. The Mrs. C.B.M. White building in which this business is housed was one of two commercial buildings constructed in 1915 for Harry White, an Indiana Judge, politician, and businessman. Prior to the establishment of H.B. Culpeppers this three story brick structure was ...

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Original and White Pizzas ALL DAY $6.25 Gourmet Pizzas ALL DAY $7.50 Taco, BBQ, Steak&Cheese, Buffalo, Chix&Broccoli, Meat Lovers,Feta $1.50 Bud Li ...

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